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Big Boom – The Bodyguard For The Heart


Big Boom – The Bodyguard for Hearts

  • Speaks for the People!
  • Celebrated Relationship Speaker
  • Best Selling Author
  • Radio & Television Celebrity Bodyguard
  • Soon to be Television Personality

BoomWhiteSuit275About Big Boom – aka The BodyGuard for the Heart

author of:
If You Want Closure In Your Relationship –¬†Start With Your Legs

Big Boom, is a celebrated speaker, author and celebrity bodyguard. Boom is a large, well dressed man with a rich and charismatic personality. He raised himself from his pimp days of hurting women, to now protecting women as the “Bodyguard of Women’s Hearts”. Boom is not proud of his past as a pimp, but he has to reveal the seedy side of his life for one to appreciate his message. His down to earth and warm colorful message tells women how to “ducka sucka,” and protect their hearts while living up to the deserved greatness of good love. Big Boom, “the bodyguard of hearts,” gives up his playa card and reveals the secrets men have kept from women to help them obtain the fulfillment their heart’s desire.

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